Build Better Products Faster with David Subar
The Drops PodcastMarch 23, 202300:59:1627.13 MB

Build Better Products Faster with David Subar

This week’s episode is a special one where we talk with David Subar, product leader, consultant, and executive. “Better Products Faster,” has always been David’s mission. Coupled with the strategic implementation of the lean start-up method, this mission has led to major valuation increases for a quickly growing list of more than 30 technology companies. David’s strategies are becoming the standard for how technology companies scale while continuing to deliver products that impact the lives of their customers. He began his career in R&D and now leads teams in more than seven countries for clients that ship products for tens of millions of customers. Some of his career highlights include: building products with more than 600 billion monthly page views, building hardware and the operating system for an augmented reality device, assisting in their $1.5B sale to LinkedIn, advising The Walt Disney Company on Disney+, founding two companies, and serving as an advisor and executive for three unicorns.

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