AI & Hollywood Live with Thinkific
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AI & Hollywood Live with Thinkific

The hosts Tam and B discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on creators and the entertainment industry, focusing on the current Hollywood strikes and the role of AI. They explore whether AI is a threat or an opportunity, copyright issues, predictions for the strikes, and more.


* The Hollywood strikes are happening because writers and actors want better pay, profit sharing, and restrictions on AI that could replace their work.

* AI has potential to improve efficiencies in entertainment but also raises concerns about copyright issues as models may mimic creative work.

* Whoever figures out how to create the first trusted AI app store may become the winner in AI.

* YouTube is as much a threat to actors as AI, providing content people want with revenue sharing.

* The writers and actors guilds should leverage AI to protect members rather than seeing it as a threat.

The Takeaways:

* Entertainment companies should bring creators into conversations about AI and find an amicable path forward.

* There are opportunities for a new class of creators by embracing AI tools and platforms like YouTube.

* Entertainers outside the Hollywood system have as much ability to leverage AI for their benefit as those within it.

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